UNFPA-GBV Technical Advisor-P3-Venezuela

Location: Caracas, Venezuela, Venezuela
Date Posted: 31-10-2017
Venezuela is facing an economic crisis and on-going political tension. The UN Secretary General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights have urged the Government to make efforts to engage in dialogue and lower tensions. According to UNHCR, the number of Venezuelans seeking asylum has increased year by year since 2014. Reasons for leaving Venezuela cited by asylum seekers are varied and include: fleeing violence and insecurity; political opinions; lack of food and medicine; loss of income; lack of access to essential services.

Venezuela's UNDAF 2015-19 focuses on three main areas: i) strengthening food security, health and poverty reduction; ii) emergency preparedness; and iii) facilitation of dialogue for a "culture of peace." In the current context, the emergency preparedness priorities in the UNDAF provide a critical point of entry for the UNCT to engage with national and local actors to develop multi-sector plans to address different risks and scenarios that may occur in Venezuela, including the possibility of a deepening economic crisis or a major event such as an earthquake. UNFPA technical support and coordination is required to ensure the full integration of Gender Based Violence (GBV) considerations in these processes, based on the Minimum Standards and tools related to addressing GBV in emergencies.

Furthermore, Venezuela has traditionally been a host country for refugees from neighboring Colombia. UNHCR has requested UNFPA's collaboration in working with Colombian refugees in Venezuela and their host communities to address issues around GBV. At the same time, many people are crossing the border from Venezuela into Colombia including Venezuelans and Colombian returnees. Due to having presence in both Colombia and Venezuela, UNFPA is considering development of a common strategy for the two country offices to respond to needs related to its mandate in the border area.

Role and Description:

UNFPA is seeking a GBV Specialist to provide urgent surge capacity to address the following priorities:
  1. Provide coordination and technical support for development and implementation of inter­agency and multi-sector preparedness plans on GBViE in line with the Minimum Preparedness Actions (MPA)[I], UNFPA's Minimum Standards for GBV prevention and response and other relevant tools for the specific context in Venezuela.
  2. Support the identification of priorities for a common preparedness and response strategy for UNFPA country offices in the border area of Venezuela and Colombia.
  3. Strengthen collaboration with UNHCR and partners to address GBV priorities of refugees and host communities in Venezuela.
  4. Based on needs identified, develop a robust proposal to request UNFPA emergency funds to support actions in identified priority areas.
Preparedness and Assessment
  • Consolidate existing assessments on the GBV situation and/or work with relevant agencies and communities to conduct sector-specific GBV assessments (in line with safe and ethical practice for the collection and dissemination of GBV data) to identify vulnerability factors; national capacities to address GBV; availability and accessibility to GBV-related services and facilities; as well as population coping strategies and help seeking behavior.
  • In collaboration with national and international GBV actors, map current institutional response capacities and conduct training as needed.
Programme Development and implementation
  • Contribute to the development and inclusion of GBV prevention, mitigation and response efforts in UNFPA funding appeals and proposals (e.g. EF)
  • Support implementation of the UNFPA's emergency preparedness and response strategy and action plans as required.
Strategic Planning
  • Lead a process to develop a realistic, multi-sectoral and inter-agency GBV prevention and response plan. Promote engagement of a range of sectors and ensure realistic benchmarks and timelines for achieving set objectives. Regularly monitor progress against plan during coordination meetings. Allow space for new actors to engage with plan.
  • Support development of UNFPA's strategy/action plan on GBV in emergencies, including prepearedness and response components.
Building Interagency Coordination
  • Establish and facilitate inter-agency, multi-sectoral GBV working group. Proactively engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure working group reflects the range of actors addressing GBV, including across multiple sectors (health, psychosocial, legal, security, etc.) and categories of actors (UN, NGO, government, civil society, etc.).
  • As necessary, leverage resources within UNFPA to support inter-agency GBV activities.
Capacity Development
  • Develop technical capacity of UNFPA staff and implementing partners on UNFPA's global mandate on GBViE and the Minimum Standards for prevention and response to GBV.
  • Work with partners to develop and implement an inter-agency GBV capacity development strategy that meets the needs and priorities of key national and local stakeholders to facilitate implementation of agreed work plan.
  • Revise existing training materials according to local context and ensure partners' access to relevant training sessions.
  • Work with the GBV working group to develop and implement the GBV referral pathway, standardized GBV incident report/intake form, reporting forms and other relevant tools.
  • Document best practices and approaches for responding to issues of GBV in order to deepen the knowledge base among relevant partners.
Qualifications and Skills required:
  • Advanced degree with specialization in areas such as social work, public health, gender, law/human rights, international relations, and/or other related social science disciplines.
  • At least five years of specialized experience addressing GBV at the international level; experience in this field in emergency context an asset.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management experience within a multinational and multicultural environment.
  • Proved experience in the survivor-centred approach
  • Direct experience providing support to GBV survivors an asset.
  • Fluency in Spanish and English.

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