FAO-Livelihoods Coordinator-P4-P5-Kampala, Uganda

Location: Kampala, Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
Date Posted: 13-11-2017
Background information/reason for request/extension_

Current Situation in Country: Several northern districts of Uganda have recently (past 18 months) absorbed around 1 million refugees from South Sudan. After the initial phase of providing relief, attention is now turning to livelihoods development. FAO is currently mobilising for several livelihoods support programmes with other agencies and development partners

Existing Programme: limited FAO response activities ongoing with small national team; committed programme development funds of $1.5million, plus up to 6 pipeline projects/concepts at various stages of completion

Current staffing capacity and staffing plans: current staff includes two internationals (specialists on land, and on water resources), plus backstopping team from FAO HQ, plus five experienced nationals (two in districts, three in Kampala).

This team, though technically strong, is not sufficient to meet the demand at this time, and given the pressing timescale (development opportunities within the next 6-12 months as donors programme their next phase of activities) an external recruitment would not be feasible.

In the event of successful resource mobilisation and programme development, the role could lead to a position as Chief Technical Advisor (project manager) on livelihood programmes, after the initial 12 months.
Role Title: Livelihoods Coordinator (Refugee and Host Community) Role P-level: P-4/P-5 equivalent

FAO Uganda is engaged in support to refugee-hosting districts, which have faced a significant influx from South Sudan over the past 18 months. As the immediate needs of refugees are being met, attention is increasingly turning to the medium term need for support to livelihoods in the refugee-hosting districts, for both the host community and the refugees alike.

Objectives and expected outputs

FAO- Uganda intends to recruit a Livelihoods Coordinator (Refugee and Host Community) to support the development of livelihoods programmes in refugee-hosting districts. The expected outputs are:

•    Strategic analyses setting out challenges, constraints and possible strategies for livelihoods development are prepared and presented

•    Opportunities for concept notes, proposals and programmes are identified

•    Resources are mobilized, and activities initiated in a timely manner

•    Activity streams across different relevant projects and programmes are well coordinated (synergies identified; unnecessary overlaps avoided)

Main Duties and responsibilities:

Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative, in close collaboration with colleagues from related FAO units, the Livelihoods Coordinator will

Conduct analysis of livelihoods needs based on Resilience Index Measurement and Assessment (RIMA) and other recent studies Develop and present FAO's position - on livelihoods development for refugee and host communities in the refugee hosting districts - at various meetings of government, UN and development partners at national level Identify possible sources of funding

Draft concept notes and programme documents for possible funding Coordinate within FAO to ensure that livelihoods programming is coherent across the FAO portfolio in Uganda

Liaise with FAO HQ staff from the Strategic Programmes teams on sustainable agriculture, poverty reduction and resilience Coordinate the work of a small team of international and national consultants

Liaise with other UN agencies on the implementation of the UNDAF Support FAO Representative as needed, including acting as deputy.

Key performance indicators

The key performance indicators for this role include:

•    Quality of presentations/analyses (measured based on feedback from partners)

•    Quantity of resources mobilised for strategic activities

•    Improved coherence of FAO programme activities relating to refugees in Uganda (measured by subsequent evaluation)

Reporting and supervision

The Livelihoods Coordinator (Refugee and Host Community) reports to the FAO Representative and coordinates the work of two international staff/consultants, and five national consultants.

Required qualifications and competencies:

•    Advanced degree in agricultural economics, development economics, or related subject

•    Analytical skills

• Team leadership
• Strategic thinking
Technical Skills and Experience Requirements:
• Coordination skills (communications) and team management
• Fundraising experience
• Minimum of ten years professional experience in developing countries
working on economic development issues
• Understanding of the specific humanitarian development challenges in
context of refugee-related prorgamming.
•    Presentation skills and advocacy

Other relevant information

Banking, ATM and housing easily available in Kampala. He/she will be allocated a driver and vehicle for at least three months, after which he/she might have to arrange personal mobility and be allocated vehicle for duty travels outside Kampala.
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