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EU-EOM (LTO)-Mozambique General Election (2024)

TBD, Mozambique
EU Electoral Observation Mission - LTO - Mozambique General Election - October 9th, 2024

Fluency in Portuguese is mandatory

LTO tentative deployment dates: 

Arrival: September 9th, 2024
Return: October 18th, 2024

In the event of a runoff: 

Arrival: January 1st, 2025
Return: January 24th, 2025

Terms of Reference
Long Term Observer (LTO)

Under the supervision of the Observer Coordinator and in coordination with the Service Provider's team of experts, the Long Term Observers (LTOs) shall carry out the following specific tasks:

1.   Familiarise themselves with the methodology of EU EOMs, respective roles and duties of EU EOM members, as outlined in the EU Handbook for European Union Election Observation1;

2.   Sign and abide by the Code of conduct and Ethical aspects for Election observers and by the instructions of the DCO, Core Team and Service Provider’s experts. Failure to follow those code of conduct and instructions may result in an anticipated termination of the observer's assignment, immediate repatriation to the place of residence and non-recommendation for future EU EOMs;

3.   Ensure that any personal data received during an EU EOM is handled in line with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data as well as with the Privacy Statement on the Implementation of the European Union Election Observation Missions.

4.   Attend  training  sessions,  briefing  and  debriefing  sessions,  as  required  by  the  European Commission, the Core team and the Service Provider’s experts;

5.   Familiarize themselves with the applicable International and regional standards for elections2, and the relevant country specific election rules, regulations and procedures;

6.   Establish the presence of the EU EOM in their assigned Area of Responsibility (AoR);

7.   Report to the Observer coordinator, the Security expert and the Logistics Expert, as requested by Core team and Service provider's instructions;

8.   Under the guidance of the Service Provider’s Logistics and Security Experts, gather security and logistics information on their AoR including road conditions, food and water availability, and accommodation facilities;

9.   Establish good working relations with the electoral and civil administration, political parties, NGOs, international organizations and other election stakeholders in the AoR; Liaise with local domestic and international observers deployed in the AoR;

10. Follow on electoral disputes, complaints and appeals;

11. Monitor local media in accordance with the methodology and requirements specified by the Media and Social Media Analysts;

12. Monitor pre-electoral environment, the election campaign and administrative preparations in the AoR; Observe election day, counting and tabulation operations; Monitor post-electoral developments;

13. Coordinate and manage the deployment of Short Term Observers in the AoR (if applicable);

14. Brief and debrief Short Term Observers and Members of the European Parliament Delegation deployed in the AoR, as requested by the Core Team and Service Provider (if applicable);

15. Evaluate  the  performance  of  Short  Term  Observers  in  conjunction  with the Observer Coordinator (if applicable);

16. Ensure that reports are submitted to Core Team within the set reporting deadlines; Ensure that Short Term Observers in the AoR submit reports as soon as feasible and within the deadline (if applicable);

17. Submit an End of Mission report based on the template provided by the Core Team;

18. Participate in an evaluation meeting with the Observer coordinator at the end of the mission;

19. Perform any additional duties and comply with any additional requests deemed necessary to the good functioning of the EU EOM.

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